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If I have a preferred membership and I am a Senior, what discount do I get?

We offer our senior customers (65 years or older) a 10% discount everyday of the month. If you have purchased an annual membership you will receive your senior’s discount on top of your membership discount for a total of 20% off.


I work in the health and wellness industry but don’t see my certification listed for professional membership, why not?

At BMS Resources we are dedicated to supporting a broad range of healthcare providers. While our list of qualifying providers is extensive, we are happy to work with our supplier partners at ensuring each profession is supported by our programs. If your profession is not on our list please contact us at [email protected].


I bought my membership in store but can’t see the discounted rates online.

Sorry about that! Please give us a call at 416-502-2665 ext. 241 or email us at [email protected] and we will get that corrected for you as soon as possible.